ZAHK Sales, Inc. stocks various grades of acrylic sheet such as extruded, continuous cast and cell cast in hundreds of colors of various thickness and size. Clear, tinted and colored acrylic sheet available form 48" to 108" wide, and from 72" to 192 " in length. Ideal for P-O-P displays, store fixtures, glazing and general fabrication, ACRYLIC sheet offers manufacturers, fabricators and designers a high-optical product with exceptional strength and durability. It delivers exceptional cost savings through down gauging without sacrificing the structural integrity of your application. Further cost reductions are achieved through faster fabrication, lower shipping & handling, and reduced breakage. Acrylic sheet is ideal for applications requiring the beauty and clarity of acrylic where a traditionally higher impact product is required. It maintains its consistent clear edge color before and after fabrication, giving fixtures and displays a desired elegance that is lost with other impact modified materials that impart an "industrial" look.

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